Canadian Pacific 1910 Replica Railway Man’s Pocket Watch

July 5, 2013


awards & gifts

CPR (Canadian Pacific) approached Corporate Inspired Creations (CIC) to replicate a 1910 Railway Man’s Pocket Watch. CPR had been trying in vain over a long period of time to find someone with the capabilities to reproduce the watch accurately and within their budget and very specific criteria to ensure it’s authenticity.
CIC successfully replicated the pocket watch within CPR’s budget and timeline, and we pleasantly surprised the client with the addition of a custom made low relief ‘antique’ fob, t-bar and chain, all real gold plated. The back of each watch was meticulously engraved with the CPR logo, and real gold plated.
The watch and it’s components were presented in a custom made oak box with velvet lined die cut pockets that protected and presented the different components. As the final touch, the CPR logo was etched and gold colour filled on the lid.