• Oil Rig Worker

    When Novus Energy needed a presentation piece for an up coming event, Corporate Inspired Creations was there with this specialized design. This fine crafted bronze statuette tells it’s story in extensive detail. A polished, black granite base finished the piece beautifully.

  • Caillou

    Corporate Inspired Creation’s creative team can not only create beautiful custom products, we can also create complete custom illustrations. This whimsical design and illustration was created entirely for this project from scratch.

  • Sprott

    With a graceful logo as a basis, Corporate Inspired Creations can produce a piece that soars! Solid polished granite cut to a shape implying motion is accented with finely cut aluminum on an aluminum base for this classic design.

  • Canadian Tire

    A dynamic and energetic piece of art designed by Corporate Inspired Creations to represent a number of recent acquisitions by Canadian Tire. The hand sculpted and actioned packed bronze piece stands proudly in the companies head office lobby in Toronto, Ontario.

  • TSX

    A fun and interactive homage to the frieze on the facade of the original Toronto Stock Exchange, Corporate Inspired Creations created this concept to be completely adjustable by the recipient. The glass and four custom cast pewter figures are held snuggly in place, but each figure can be moved and replaced in and configuration desired.

  • Alliance

    This fun concept from Corporate Inspired Creations creatively captures the theme based on a film and entertainment deal. The seats, screen and curtains are all cut from black glass, decorated with a combination high resolution printing and etching and colour filling, and mounted to a solid, polished black granite base.

  • Agrium Women’s Leadership Awards

    Agrium’s women’s award was designed to stay within their budget, and was fabricated entirely from aluminum with a striking swirl finish.

  • Pipeline Award & NASA Space Pen

    Designed as a unique award for ShawCor, the world’s largest provider of pipeline coating. This award was designed to represent their industry, and also have a practical application. The pen included is the NASA ‘Space’ Pen which operates in extremes of temperature as well as underwater, just like ShawCor’s pipeline coatings.

  • CCMA Medallion

    CCMA (Canadian Country Music Awards) commissioned Corporate Inspired Creations to design a prestigious award presented to all its winners, past, present and future. These jewellery quality die struck copper awards are attached to satin ribbons, gift boxed and personalized on the reverse face of the medallion with the winner’s names.

  • Sculpted Pewter Chess Set

    Each figure in this chess set was inspired by the history of a Life Insurance company who’s original dated back to 17th century England. Each figure was meticulously sculpted and then cast from pewter, with half of the pieces painted black, and the other half with an antique pewter finish. The board was custom made […]

  • Capital Power Chimes

    When Capital Power was established as it’s own distinct company apart from EPCOR, the project was dubbed ‘Harmony’. Corporate Inspired Creations designed these chimes to represent the brand new Capital Power logo, where the 5 chimes created a ‘harmonious’ sound, and the 5 chimes also represented the 5 areas from which Capital Power produces energy.

  • Canadian Pacific 1910 Replica Railway Man’s Pocket Watch

    CPR (Canadian Pacific) approached Corporate Inspired Creations (CIC) to replicate a 1910 Railway Man’s Pocket Watch. CPR had been trying in vain over a long period of time to find someone with the capabilities to reproduce the watch accurately and within their budget and very specific criteria to ensure it’s authenticity. CIC successfully replicated the […]

  • Ski Cross Canada Awards

    Ski Cross is an action-packed and adrenaline-fuelled sport that made its Olympic debut as a medal sport at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver-Whistler. What sets ski cross apart from other sports, including alpine skiing, is the fact that there’s more than one skier racing down the course. This is a highly popular and televised […]

  • Harlequin Crystal Book Award

    This one-of-a-kind optical crystal book award was produced to recognize the many successes of one of Harlequin’s top selling authors. The cover of her most recent book was reproduced on the face of one half of the optical crystal book.

  • Harlequin Author’s Pin Program

    As part of Harlequin’s annual Author’s Recognition program, Corporate Inspired Creations produces 18K gold pins with a precious stone, as well as Sterling Silver pins with a precious stone.

  • Kinross Gold Global Award

    Corporate Inspired Creations designed and fabricated an annual award distributed globally to the far flung corners of the planet. The award was designed to represent Kinross Gold’s global operations, and to be visually pleasing to miners as well as executives at Kinross. The awards also needed to be designed and fabricated to withstand the rigours […]

  • Kinross Gold Mine Replica

    A replica of a significant acquisition by Kinross Gold was sculpted and cast from multiple pieces of pewter, which were then hand painted and embedded in a Lucite block. The block was then etched and frosted with details indicating it’s elevation, as well as other relevant information. The blocks were distributed at an international mining […]

  • 18K Solid Gold Cufflinks

    These one-of-a-kind solid gold 18K cuff links were produced as a retirement gift for a Kinross Gold board member. His initials as well as the Kinross logo were hand engraved on each miniature gold bar cufflink. A high polished black lacquered custom made Maple box with a hidden hinge and metallic gold colour filled Kinross […]

  • Exotic Live Edge Wood Plaque

    Corporate Inspired Creations (CIC) was commissioned to create a one-of-a-kind retirement gift for a Kinross Gold executive who worked in multiple locations around the world for nearly 20 years. The fellow was also an exotic wood collector. As a result CIC designed a live edge 3ft. x 2ft. wall plaque made from Babinga, an exotic […]

  • OAA

    Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) commissioned Corporate Inspired Creations to design an award that was fit for Ontario’s premier architects! Designed to replicate the logo and capture the essence of structural design that OAA stands for, the high polished, staggered glass towers and base create a stunning show piece.

  • Oxford – Moving the Needle

    Inspired by the speedometer on a race car, this award was designed to celebrate Oxford employees who were consistently ‘moving the needle’ each day. Cast from aluminum with components either brushed finished and high polish mirror finished and mounted to polished black granite, this award has both weight and presence.

  • PC Award

    This prestigious annual award is presented to top suppliers of Loblaw’s products. The custom cast real gold plated PC logo protruding from the machine cut brushed steel background and mounted on a high polished real gold plated brass base gives this award a real Oscar like feel. Corporate Inspired Creations captures the essence of a […]

  • PC Medallions

    This brass was finely cut and custom plated on these medallions that were created for an internal recognition program at Loblaw’s. Corporate Inspired Creations took the familiar medallion concept and meticulously tailored it to our customers brand. Gold, silver, bronze, this concept took home all three!

  • Progress Energy

    These hand blown, solid glass flames were produced for the president of Petrona Energy to use as gifts commemorating Progress Energy’s acquisition by Petronas.

  • Russel Metals

    Intricacy and presence come together in this 3ft x 2ft Russel Metals plaque. This one-of-a-kind custom creation is fabricated from over 90 pieces of custom cut brush-finished aluminum. Corporate Inspired Creations designed this piece with a strong industrial presence to representative of the client industry.

  • ShawCor – Clock

    Fabricated from ancient, 500 to 1000 year old, “green” old growth wood, this 35 Year Anniversary gift for ShawCor’s Years of Service Program is transformed into an elegant time piece. Real gold plated solid brass rings were cut and polished recreating the ShawCor logo to perfectly finish to this rare clock.

  • SMS

    Corporate Inspired Creations designed this abstract figure raising the ShawCor rings in a gesture of triumph! The machine cut, brush finish steel figure is placed between two hand beveled pieces of Starfire crystal and attached to a custom machined brass base. These pieces sparkle in any setting.

  • SCMA

    Rich dark stained wood and custom machined aluminum resulted in an iconic award for the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards. Corporate Inspired Creations creative use of negative space produced a music award that sings!

  • Pipe Layers

    Corporate Inspired Creations was approached to design this bronze sculpture on thick, polished granite exclusively for Shawcor Canada. Based on Shawcor historical documentation this detailed piece was created as a 25 year Long Service award.

  • Simutech

    From past to the present and all points between, Corporate Inspired Creations can capture any moment in dignified and detailed piece of art. These cast pewter bookends for Simutech celebrate the preparation for the now infamous Y2K.

  • Molsen

    Created for Molson Breweries, Corporate Inspired Creations designed this stunning bronze replica of company founder, John Molson, based on an oil painting of the founder and clothing samples from the Canadian Government Archives. This highly detailed keepsake was used as an Executive Retirement Gift.

  • Totem

    For the opening of Glaxo Canada, Corporate Inspired Creations designed this scale model of the 40 foot tall, stone carving in the lobby of the building know as Northern Myth, Northern Legend. This is a perfect replication of this giant and powerful representation of the strength and heritage of Canada’s native culture.

  • Train

    This short-run, hand made, pewter Steam Locomotive was used as a Long Service Award for CP Rail. Corporate Inspired Creations used the finest craftsmanship to capture every detail of this iconic and classic piece of historical engineering.

  • Walking Stick

    Corporate Inspired Creations was honored to produce this hand-carved totem “talking Stick”. Accurately recreated in the Haida style, this retirement gift was produced for Shawcor Executives. This unique item is just one of countless examples of CIC’s drive to deliver exceptional one-of-a-kind presentation pieces.

  • Welder – Mask Down

    For TransCanada’s 25th anniversary, Corporate Inspired Creations created this commemorative solid brass statue. The hand-sculpted, and meticulously detailed scene represents the last weld of the TransCanada Pipeline.

  • Welder Plate

    As part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Last Weld of the TransCanada Pipeline, Corporate Inspired Creations created these commemorative limited edition brass plates. The plate is hand-sculpted with a meticulously detailed bas relief design.

  • Work/Play

    To honor the retiring president of Russel Metals, Corporate Inspired Creations was asked to create an on-going award. To celebrate his focus on the work/play balance this bronze sculpture, of the same person at play and at work. The figures are standing on a 3D replica of the Russel Metals logo also made of bronze.

  • Airman Statue

    One and half times life bronze sculpture is a real spectacle that truly captures the emotions and imaginations of all who see it. It was created to recognize the Tuskegee Airman for their noble contributions in WWII.

  • Arrow

    The Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow held the promise of near-Mach 3 speeds and was intended to serve as the Royal Canadian Air Force’s primary interceptor in the 1960s and beyond. Corporate Inspired Creations’ Brock Young captured the elegance of this once unmatched piece of Canadian aviation technology in this stylized, 8″ tall aluminum sculpture designed […]

  • Baseball Bust

    Designed to honor the American “Negro League” players. The extensively detailed bust was cast from bronze.

  • Birds

    Corporate Inspired Creations has done countless reinterpretation of corporate logos and icons. CIC was honored to be the first to bring the Nestle Canada logo into the third dimension. This exquisite and detailed bronze statue it mounted to a classy polished marble base.

  • Blaster

    Corporate Inspired Creations was asked to design an art piece to commemorate the opening of the Quintette Coal Mine in British Columbia. Hand sculpted and cast from solid bronze, this piece perfectly illustrates a historical moment.

  • Climber

    Bell Canada has a long and important history in the Great White North. Corporate Inspired Creations captured the essence of those who kept our communications going from a series of classic photos. This 11″ tall bronze casting is detailed, beautiful and historic.

  • Dancing Bear

    Corporate Inspired Creations’ artist, Brock Young, captured the pride and the beauty of northern indigenous art and design with this limited edition statue. 15″ tall and cast from solid bronze, this executive gift for Petro Canada stands proud.

  • Early Man Clay

    A clay master depicting one of a series of life sized sculptures to be displayed in a museum. This dynamic statue is impressive and awe inspiring. Representing the struggles and the strength of our early ancestors, this is the level of high art that CIC can deliver for you.

  • LaFarge

    A bas-relief or low relief is a protruding image with a shallow overall depth. Corporate Inspired Creations packed all of this detail into a business card holder as a corporate conference gift for LaFarge. The entire piece was hand-sculpted and cast from pewter.

  • Lumberjack

    This 8″ bronze was requested by the Canadian Forestry Industry. Corporate Inspired Creations meticulously recreated this accurate and exclusive statue based on detailed historical photography.

  • Mask

    Mystery and opulence are not masked by this design. Hand sculpted and cast from pewter, Corporate Inspired Creations captured the classic look of costume ball with this striking piece.

  • Parmalat

    Accurate, details and artistic interpretations of everyday objects are intriguing way celebrate successful business endeavors. Corporate Inspired Creations turned this simple milk carton into a true work of art. Cast from pewter and hand-sculpted, this detailed piece for Parmalat executives “does a recipient good.”

  • Oxford

    One in a series of five elegant abstract pieces of cast polished aluminum. These unique representations of a buildings and towers for Oxford were sculpted by Corporate Inspired Creations’ own Brock Young. The piece is finished with a thick, polished, black granite base.

  • 2020

    Imagination is the only limit of 3D internal engraving in crystal and there is not limit to the imagination of Corporate Inspired Creations. This recreation of real kitchen blueprints used not only literal depth in the etching but also variances in the density of the etching to create a refined and clear image.

  • A&W

    The Great Root Bear is immortalized in this fine glass creation from Corporate Inspired Creations. Etched in multiple levels and enhanced with full colour printing, this whimsical piece perfectly represents the A&W chain of restaurants.

  • Allied

    Detailed replicas are a specialty of Corporate Inspired Creations. This recreation of 500-522 King St. West in Toronto, Ontario is a fine example. The decorative brick work is cut from aluminum and printed. The Starfire backing and metal are mounted to a solid polished granite base.

  • Amaya

    Form and function spin to life with this exciting recreation from Corporate Inspired Creations. Every component of this piece was custom crafted including the nickel plated finial, solid wood base and the acrylic and metal wheel. Go to our video section to see this masterpiece in action.

  • Arauco – Log

    Corporate Inspired Creations has no limits in the resources we can use to create your vision. Natural elements like the log featured in this piece give it a completely unique look. natural variances in components like this log give each piece of the order a unique charm.

  • Argonaut

    Classical elegance is captured in the simplicity of this Grand Piano design from Corporate Inspired Creations. The essence is captured with two pieces of crystal that are painted and printed to enhance the depth of the details. It sits upon three black glass legs.

  • Quebecor

    Literal interpretations of the feelings of your project can be hit right out of the park at Corporate Inspired Creations! The brokers of this Quebecor Media deal hit a “home run” and we commemorated this by decorating an actual, full size baseball bat.

  • Carpathian

    Basic representation meets precision in this representation of a pit mine. Corporate Inspired Creations used solid, polished, black granite to imply the steps of the depth of the mine. The hauler is a highly detailed pewter sculpture carrying more piece of pewter that have been plated in real gold.

  • Dalsa Side

    This detailed and handsome product recreation is an exact replica of a unique camera used in printing and manufacturing. It aides manufacturers in knowing when they need to stop the presses as something has slipped out of alignment. Corporate Inspired Creations can capture your product with exacting detail.

  • ePaLs

    Corporate Inspired Creations has replicated countless real world items. This chalkboard, made from printed and painted aluminum shows that it’s the details that give a piece life. The texture of the art give the look and feel of real slate and the text give the impression of real chalk writing.

  • Epcor

    With no limit to the mix of materials and processes at our disposal, Corporate Inspired Creations can bring your brand or concept boldly to life. This 3D logo recreation is made from machined aluminum between two pieces of Starfire glass all mounted to a solid polished Black Granite base.

  • Gennum

    Wonder and artistry come together with elements suspended in clear acrylic. Logos and many other items can be displayed forever encased in polished show pieces. One of the many services provided expertly by Corporate Inspired Creations.

  • First Majestic

    Freestanding, solid, polished Black Granite and aluminum come together to create this dignified logo recreation. Corporate Inspired Creations can interpret even the most basic concepts into works of art.

  • Guyana

    The creative ways two pieces of Starfire can be brought together can create cleaver interpretations of logos and real world objects. This compass was commissioned from Corporate Inspired Creations with a strict budget. Decorating every face and edge of the materials creates a convincing and attractive piece.

  • HomeQ

    3D internal laser etching in optic crystal creates an ethereal but delightful look. The crystal’s reflective surfaces give the print under the base an even bigger presence. Corporate Inspired Creations finds the best way to combine materials and processes to bring an order to life.

  • Kellogg’s

    At Corporate Inspired Creations we start our day with bowls of inspiration. We use it to design great recreations of products like this scaled down acrylic box of Corn Flakes. This designs special details include the information on the side of the box and a look at the delicious flakes inside.

  • Manulife

    Corporate Inspired Creations can work with any marketing campaign or materials and translate those plans into an award that fits. This solid wood block was colour matched to Manulife’s branding and decorated with their mission statement. It is beautifully accented with a piece of frosted and printed Starfire.

  • PCL – Pool

    The simplest elements can be used to portray very large or complex ideas. This Olympic swimming pool, complete with stadium seating was designed by Corporate Inspired Creations to represent the Pan Am Aquatics Centre, Field House, and Canadian Sports Institute Ontario (CSIO). The stands are printed with high detail on painted wood. The pool and […]

  • Pure

    A stylish custom logo concept can bring a material to life. Corporate Inspired Creations used brushed aluminum and Starfire to create this modern and tasteful presentation. It is completed with a polished black glass base.

  • Red Back

    Themes can be brought together in exciting ways. Corporate Inspired Creations was asked to create a representation of a mine, but the spider was also an important visual. Made from Starfire and thick granite, with the custom glass spider and black glass base make this one of our more striking concepts.

  • Resolute – Rubik’s Cube

    Where there’s Corporate Inspired Creations there’s a way. A real Rubik’s Cube proved impractical for this project, but this stylish impression of one was equally effective. Made entirely from solid wood and decorated with full colour printed plates, the top three components can all be turned independent of the base.

  • Sirocco

    Starfire glass presents fantastic opportunities to create unique pieces. This design by Corporate Inspired Creations took this stylish logo and gave it real dimension. the four pieces of Starfire reflect all ambient light, making the piece sparkle. The high resolution printed granite logo even appears to by floating.

  • MetLife – Snoopy

    Snoopy is one of the most recognized symbols in the world and this hand sculpted and hand painted recreation captures the essence of the beloved mascot beautifully. With a theme as treasured as this famous beagle, only the best is expected. Corporate Inspired Creations can deliver no less.

  • Sunopta – Cart

    Corporate Inspired Creations thrives on details. The aluminum that makes up this shopping cart is cut in over forty locations to create the fine look of the bars on a real cart. The groceries are printed between the back of the back Starfire and the front of the aluminum to maintain the illusion of depth.

  • Torex

    An exquisitely sculpted, gold plated and powerful bull adorns this Corporate Inspired Creations piece for Torex gold. This piece was made at two sizes and both are equally striking. The larger cutout of the actual logo from the Starfire backing reinforces the brand recognition of the design.

  • TransCanada – Bull

    Telling a story is an excellent way to create a winning award. The custom sculpted bull breaking through the aluminum fence sends a clear image of excitement. Corporate Inspired Creations had every component of this piece, including the solid wood base and Starfire logo, created custom for this project.

  • Uranium One

    A stunning, abstract design that was shipped to locations all around the world including one sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin! Corporate Inspired Creations brought this design to life with seven layers of translucent, tinted acrylic. The front and base are both made from aluminum.

  • US Silver

    Corporate Inspired Creations can turn your brand or logo into a work of art. This straightforward but dignified presentation of the US Silver logo is made from two layers of thick, polished black granite, accented on the front by aluminum.

  • Wescast

    Your brand moves your company and Corporate Inspired Creations can move your brand! This unique concept from Corporate Inspired Creations really does move. The four aluminum wheels are set into the Starfire body to allow this exciting design to roll for great distances. Fun and fantastic!

  • Wireless Zone

    Corporate Inspired Creations created this ornate relief sculpture from a 3/4″ thick piece of aluminum. Both logos are fully three dimensional with the “O” in Zone being a perfectly round hemisphere. The text art is all etched on the front piece of Starfire crystal.

  • ASCAP Golden Note Award

    ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) presents the Golden Note award at an annual gala honoring the top songwriters and publishers of ASCAP’s most performed pop songs of 2011. The ASCAP Golden Note Award is presented to songwriters, composers, and artists who have achieved extraordinary career milestones. Past recipients include Elton John, Quincy […]

  • ARMZ

    Designed to represent the green glow associated with Uranium, this custom Corporate Inspired creation was hand crafted from green optic crystal. The multiple high polished facets make this a elegant and attention grabbing show piece.

  • CFL

    In 2013, Corporate Inspired Creations was asked to completely redesign the CFL Outstanding Player awards. Made from hand polished custom molded optic crystal, this esteemed trophy is presented to the CFL’s Most Outstanding Players at the end of each football season.