about us

Established in 2001, Corporate Inspired Creations (CIC) was created to fill a void in the marketplace. When it comes to rewards and recognition, have you ever asked yourself: “Is this it? Is there anything else?“ CIC is the answer you have been searching for.

Everything we produce is inspired by you, our client. Your unique history, people, products and milestones. And what we create for you remains yours exclusively, forever! There is no other company that you that offers you that same guarantee.

Whats more, you won’t pay one penny more than you currently spend on generic run of the mill gifts and awards.



turnkey solutions

Our artists are world renown. Our abilities are endless. And our access to a huge variety of materials is limitless. As a result, whatever you need or want, our response will always be: “Yes!
Our original work is in offices and institutions around the globe, and has been used for:
  • programs (years of service/safety, etc.)
  • one-of-a-kind gifts
  • milestone recognition
  • installations (interior and exterior)
  • donor walls
  • replicas
  • retirements
  • collectibles

guarantee of exclusivity™

This is our written guarantee that what we produce for you will never be resold to anyone else – EVER! There is no mass produced gift or award that can (or would) make that claim. For no additional charge we include tasteful insert cards informing the end recipient the gift or award they just received was designed exclusively for them. This results in a higher perceived value in the eye of the recipient, leading to increase loyalty and higher moral!

no fee designs™

CIC does not charge for our concept creation, and we always create 2-3 original concepts for each of your requirements.

single unit minimums

Whether you need a single unit or a large production run, we’ll make it happen!



simplified process

Our simplified creative process is known as the ‘CIC Difference’. Every concept CIC creates is inspired by your unique history, product, event or other criteria specific to you.

It’s Simple:

  • You dictate your budget, quantity required and delivery date
  • We’ll send you 2-3 different concepts at absolutely no charge to you
  • You pick your favorite concept, and we’ll create the prototype for your final review
  • Once you’ve approved the prototype, we’ll produce your order

You will spend less time sourcing gifts and awards, and get more impressive and meaningful results!

recognition programs (Years of Service, Safety, President’s Circle, etc)

CIC will transform your current traditional program into membership in the world’s most exclusive club – your company! Our unique program is based on 2 novel concepts being: REthink: CIC will review your current program and determine how we can increase employee morale at the same time we decrease your current program costs. REplace: At milestones such as 25 years and higher, we’ll replace retail items that anyone can buy with original and exclusive gifts 100% inspired by your unique company. This is your chance to literally give a piece of your company back to the employees who have made it great!