Is everything you create really expensive?

Not at all! We work with your budget, quantity and the deadline that you dictate. We can produce items for you starting as low as $5.00 each!

What are your upfront costs?”

There are no upfront costs, hidden or otherwise. If you don’t like our designs, you have lost nothing. If we haven’t impressed you, you’re under no obligation to continue with us.

Do I need to approach you with an idea (… because I don’t have any ideas!)?

No, we will provide you with 2-3 completely different ideas and artwork that meet the criteria you dictate.

What if I have an idea? Could you make it for me?

We’re here for you! And we can definitely turn your vision into reality. Big or small, a single unit or thousands, …whatever your idea is, we will make it happen!

Does it take a long time to produce something original?

Not necessarily. You’re the boss, and you dictate the time frame to us. Ultimately, the designs and materials we propose and create for you will all fit within the deadline you have given us.

I have something really old/unique/rare/complex/etc. Can you replicate it exactly?

Yes! Whatever it is, however many or few you need, we will create a 100% perfect replica of it!

I need gifts/awards that will all be part of the same program, but some need to be more impressive/expensive than others. Can you help me with that?

Easily! Just tell us your criteria, budget and quantity at every level and we will take care of everything (including the packaging, full colour information cards, delivery, etc.). CIC will provide you with 2-3 No Fee Designs™ at each level of your program.

Is there anything you can’t do?

No! Whatever you need, the answer will always be: “Yes, we can do it!”

Can I order just a single unit?